Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Little by little, my life is coming back. I'm still not on CA time, but it's better than it was. I've fallen asleep on the couch at 10ish the last two nights running, but at least last night I woke myself up at 11 and took myself upstairs to bed rather than Craig having to drag me. I also managed to not get up until 7 this morning, though I did wake up at 5 and force myself to go back to sleep.

Food is back on track, and family walks have been occurring in the evenings, so I'm feeling a bit healthier in that regard. Plus, four pounds of water weight gone since I got on the scale of Thursday morning, woo hoo! I also got my hair done last night so that helps, too. What doesn't help is that I'm seriously thinking that some of the small joint pain I've been experiencing over the past few months, including my toe that isn't fractured, is osteoarthritis. I'm experiencing pain in my hands, and specifically the middle joint on my middle finger of my left one that's tender to the touch. I'm pretty sure it's not carpal tunnel as I don't have pain in my wrists or arms, just the knuckles. But at some point, I'm going to get into my doctor and talk about it.

My MIL remains the same, which is a good thing. Craig and the kids talked to her this morning, and I really think coming home was the right decision. She could continue for weeks like this, which would leave us in a limbo that just isn't healthy. I had a dream last night that I went back in time to February, before the drug therapy that set all this in motion, to stop this from occurring. That was both sad and uplifting at the same time. It made me feel, albeit temporarily and unrealistically, that I could do something for a change.
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