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Not a long one because I don't have huge amounts of time, but here's a

GOOD: The cake turned out great.
BAD: The unicorn ended up being minus ears because the candies I bought didn't work out well. We decided they were small ears hidden by the flowers I'd placed there. Hee.

GOOD: The kids looked great and had fun.
BAD: When I went to put on the skirt I bought in January---the one I'd had my eye on for months and then found on sale in my size---the zipper broke, making a complete replace of the zipper necessary. Never really got a chance to wear it yet.

GOOD: After a long, fun day, I sat down to watch Angel and work on the next chapter of Frost.
BAD: Almost as soon as I opened my computer, it crapped out on me, requiring Craig to spend the rest of the evening transferring all the files to a machine I can actually use.

SUMMARY: Overall, a success. Alicia had a blast, everyone had fun, and with the exception of my skirt and laptop, there were no casualties. The bad side is that I wasn't able to write last night. I'll be remedying that today, but when it gets posted, I'm not entirely sure. I'll keep people updated. :)

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