Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The weather ended up being nice enough in London today that the thought of doing touristy stuff wasn't appealing at all. So we went down the embankment, wandered through Covent Garden, had lunch at a pub called The Coal Hole, then headed to the theatre for Noises Off. The play was great, better than I remembered, and the kids had a blast. I'm so glad I can expose my kids to live theatre at a younger age. I think their lives will be richer for it.

No pictures, though, and my feet are killing me tonight. Tomorrow is an easy day in, just me doing Sunday breakfast and dinner, and laundry. I'm trying to stay positive about stuff, but it's tough tonight. Probably because I'm tired. But fandoms have made me melancholy, and my MIL seemed really weak tonight when we got home.
Tags: life

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