Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I'm currently in Wales with Craig and the kids as we visit friends for the weekend. Love Wales, even when it's rainy and cold like it is now. Our hostess keeps complaining about this terrible summer, but we got to go out to the cliffs yesterday and stand in the rain to watch the water crash onto the rocks below, and...I didn't care about the weather, lol. I could stand there on those cliffs until the end of time. Seriously. Something about them has always called to me.

The highlight of the weekend so far, though? Friday night, I got to meet cruentum in person for the first time, then again for breakfast Saturday morning. He's just as amazing face to face as he is online and on the phone, seriously smart and adorable and highly tolerant of spending time with my family. :)

We're unsure of today's plans. It'll depend on the weather. I'm just glad to be back online. I was off for nearly 48 hours and it was killing me, lol.
Tags: life

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