Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

24 hours from now, will be on a plane for the UK.

Still not ready.

Today has been an exercise of tension. There's not a single part of my body that isn't wound and aching. I've been sucking down ibuprofen to keep the worst of it at bay, but my head is currently throbbing too hard for me to go to bed yet. I'm waiting for the latest dose to take effect.

What else...went and saw Hunger Games one last time before it left the theaters. Then went and pre-ordered it from Amazon. I can't get these characters out of my head.

I'm also signed up for summerpornathon though I'm terrified out of my head about it. I don't write Arthur/Merlin if I can help it, and since that seems to be the vast majority of the fandom, my rarer/unpopular pairings are likely to be ignored. Not that that matters, but well, it kind of does. Probably because I'm feeling really vulnerable lately.
Tags: hunger games, life, merlin

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