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Be vewwy vewwy quiet...

My house is deadly silent at the moment. About an hour ago, both kids fell asleep on the couch and I haven't had the heart to wake them. That means the cleaning I've been doing all day came to a grinding halt, and I picked up the People End of Year Review magazine I bought at Borders a few weeks to finally read.

Big mistake.

I bought it for one reason, and one reason only. I wanted to catch up on details of popular American headlines that I'd missed through the year. And boy did I. The worst was looking through the obituaries. So many familiar faces gone...and I'm feeling a little morose as a result. Of course, that could be the lemon fumes from cleaning finally getting to my head, too.

Tomorrow is Alicia's 4th birthday, so I doubt there will be a Frost chapter posted. I've been working on it in pieces today, but with so much to get done, I'm unsure whether it will get completed. Just so you know.

I need about 6 more hours in my days. Maybe then I'd get everything accomplished that I want to...

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