Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

My obsession with Hunger Games is now cemented. I took Alicia to go see it in the theater for the third time today and walked away as wound up about it as I was going in. I've been reading fic like a madwoman, but to keep myself from writing anything yet, I joined up for Merlin's summerpornathon to focus myself elsewhere. Crazy logic, I know, especially since I keep seeing Josh Hutcherson's face everywhere.

Note to self: he's only 19. And you're not. Remember that. (It's just very, very hard, lol.)

But Peeta kills me. He really does. Well, a lot of THG characters kill me. The inherent tragedy in so many of them, from Peeta to Katniss to Haymitch to Finnick. Hell, even Mr. Mellark's backstory gets to me, the whole unrequited love which I'm such a sucker for.

ETA: Today's "I've learned..." message: ...every great achievement was once considered impossible.
Tags: hunger games

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