Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So Alex's passport is all sorted out. Woo hoo! Fairly painless, too, which is always good. We leave for the UK on the 11th and stay until July 18th.

I ended up going to Urgent Care on Friday. I've had this pain in my left foot for a little over a month now. I thought I'd just stubbed my toe or something, so I pretty much ignored it. However, it's gotten worse, and afraid I might have fractured something, I finally got an xray. No fracture. In fact, the doctor has no idea what might be wrong, so I got a referral to see my orthopedist. Hopefully, that will happen this week, otherwise I have to wait until I get back. Meanwhile, I'm taking painkillers, putting it on ice when I'm not on my feet, and staying away from anything in a heel. Blech.

I've also decided I need to start doing something to help me relax. I'm wound tighter than I've ever been as a result of worrying about my MIL and trying to be there for my family at the same time. Yesterday, Alicia broke down in school about it all. That kills me. She feels things so deeply, so I'm trying to do as much with her as I can. Thankfully, she's still at an age where she's willing to do that, lol.

So I picked up a couple books tonight to help me focus on doing that. One is specifically meditations for women who do too much. One reading a day to try and provide some clarity, some truth, some tidbit to help me get through this. Another is just a list book, of things the author compiled based on what people have learned. I'm going to start posting some of those, just for the fun of it.

Like this one: "I've learned that most of the things I worry about never happen." - age 64
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