Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I get on a plane tomorrow to fly to Chicago for a week. I'm exhausted and kind of want the trip over already so I can sleep for a month of Sundays. What's worse is that all the stress of worrying about things lately has made me stupid in silly ways. My head is currently pounding, and I really should get some sleep because we're going to be out the door just after 7am.

If this wasn't the big romance writers convention, and if I wasn't going to get the opportunity to meet people I never get to see in real life (and a couple that I've had professional relationships with for years and have never had the privilege of meeting in person), I'd totally stay home. Or find a local hotel and hide there for a week. This is basically a week long of socializing and networking, two things I hate the most. Unfortunately, it's a necessary evil.

Time to log off and pack my laptop away. Next time I post, it'll be from Chicago. :)

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