Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I have been a basket of emotions all day, all over idiocy and hypocrisy in the original m/m world. Right now, I've moved past anger to sadness--well, grief, really, at the shambled state of the world we live in. I have no tolerance for those who refuse to own their own hypocrisy, even as I recognize that most people would be incapable of seeing it in themselves anyway. Events like today remind me why I retreat to solitude so often.

I won't go into details. It's not worth bitching about because ultimately, those people are never going to change. But I would ask everyone out there to please, please, please, try and live your life by the Dalai Lama's 3 R's:

1. Respect your self.
2. Respect others.
3. Responsibility for your actions.

What you say matters. What you do matters. Be accountable for your words and deeds because you are not an island.

Even when you want to be.

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