Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I didn't love Fringe when it started. It was one of those shows that Craig watched that I kind of, sort of paid attention to when it was on, but not really, and if I missed an episode, I didn't really mind.

That attitude held for the first season and half the second. Then, for some reason, I started to be more interested when I was in the room when it was on. By the time the third season began, I watched regularly.

The end of the third had me thoroughly hooked.

Watching this latest season has had my heart in my throat most of the time. I loved Peter. I was devastated at the thought of him being gone (and I had a real bias when it first started because to me, he was just that weird-looking Dawson's Creek guy). I watched new yet familiar versions of my favorite characters walking through lives without him, and strangely enough, was okay with it.

Part of that has to do with Lincoln. He was one of my faves from the other universe, so when he showed up in this one, I was intrigued. I was head over heels for this version by the end of his first episode.

And the fact that this soft-spoken, good, diligent man is in love with Olivia? Kills me. Because they really could be good together if Peter wasn't in the equation. Hell, even *with* Peter in the equation, I'm rooting for Lincoln. So watching him this week get his heart torn out and pushed into the friend zone was agony.

I don't know how this year could end with me being happy for all my characters. Lincoln's going to get the shaft somehow, I just know it. And I'll probably cry if he does.
Tags: fringe, television

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