Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, top 10

1. Deandre: Well, he didn't suck. I'm surprised that I didn't hate this. It's not my favorite Billy Joel song (I much prefer his less upbeat work), but this might be the first thing I've seen with him that I didn't automatically want to fast-forward through.

2. Erika: I love the new color, though I don't like the cut. It's cleaner, though. And about the song? Sooooooo much better than last week. Jazzy, bluesy, on point. Really liked this.

3. Joshua: The fact that he'd never heard this song before worried me, and...I didn't like it. The low notes were too rough, and it lacked the usual emotional connection he gives. I can't believe I actually liked Deandre more.

4. Skylar: I can't believe there's a Billy Joel song I don't recognize. It sounded like the usual Skylar material. Good, but didn't rock my world.

5. Elise: I think Jimmy's fear is valid. America already doesn't favor Elise (in spite of her unique voice). Choosing a song nobody will remember is going to hurt her. I didn't think this was terrific, though not the worst of the night.

6. Phil: You know, I love this song, and I didn't even recognize it right away. The arrangement was so odd. He made it sound so creepy. He committed to it, that's for sure, and it was consistent, but...yeah, creepy.

7. Hollie: One of my favorite Billy Joel songs, but the higher key to accommodate her voice didn't serve it well, I thought. I could see her trying, but it felt like she was fighting for some of those notes, which pulled me out of believing the performance.

8. Hee-Jun: It was nice to see him doing something upbeat for a change. He's such a natural performer. He was kind of flat through the whole thing, and he can't do those low notes, but it was more fun watching him tonight than it has been in a while.

9. Jessica: Their advice not to oversing served her well. By keeping it pure and simple, she NAILED this.

10. Colton: Ha! He's doing my absolute Billy Joel song ever. Goosebumps on the very first notes. He brought the pathos to it that this song demanded.

My top 3: Colton, Jessica, Erika

My bottom 3: Joshua, Elise, Deandre

Who do I think will go home? I think Elise is in trouble. Big time. I think Erika pulled it together more and will last another week.
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