Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Update on Alicia

Alicia's finger continued to bother her today, and the swelling wasn't going down. When we were testing how well she could bend it, I felt something move in the joint that didn't feel like it should, so Craig took her to Urgent Care to get an xray done.

Turns out, the tip is broken. We've now got a referral to an orthopedist. The piano test won't happen tomorrow, and she's off gym for at least a week until she can see the specialist and he adjusts her restrictions. Softball is momentarily sidelined as well. We'd done everything right, thank goodness, since we iced it and put her in a finger splint to keep it immobile. It looks like a very minor break, too, thank goodness, but that will pend what the ortho says.

Other than that, a better day today than yesterday.
Tags: alicia

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