Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Day. From. Hell. It was just one thing after another.

1. I started my period last night, which means up all night from cramps.
2. Thursday mornings, we pick up Alicia's BFF and drop off Alex as Alicia and BFF have their honors math class early. So we get there, and L comes out and lets us know that BFF found one of their cats dead in their foyer as she was on her way out to the car. So the ride to school is spent consoling her. Both girls were crying by the time we got there.
3. First day of my period means a) I'm sucking down ibuprofen, b) I'm in the bathroom literally every hour. EVERY HOUR.
4. I got home from dropping the girls off and discovered Lucy had found the bag of beads my MIL sent from the UK and destroyed it. Beads everywhere. Some of them in pieces.
5. My phone died. My two-month-old iPhone 4. Not uncharged died. Dead dead. Hard start doesn't work. Plugging it in gets me nothing, not even the charging icon.
6. Ball practice was tonight. Alex starts an hour later than Alicia. The sun is already setting on his field by the time we get there, and we had atrocious winds today. Within half an hour, my fingers are numb so I went to sit in the car for the last thirty minutes.
7. Alicia finishes first and comes to the car to show/tell me how she jammed her left middle finger early on in practice. She can bend it (with pain), but it's swollen to twice its size and bruised as hell. Ice isn't doing much to take the swelling down...
8. ...and on Saturday is her annual piano exam. The one she's been practicing for, for three months. I have no idea if she's going to be able to play.

It's only 7pm. We haven't eaten dinner yet. Please, world, no more today. I'm begging you.

ETA: Apparently, the phone is not toast. Craig played with it, and all of a sudden it started to work. So it's now charging and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't go weird on me again.

I've had a beer. I'm about to go soak in the bath. I'm trying to talk Craig into getting me ice cream.
Tags: alicia, life

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