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A likely change in plans

I've been home a total of 4 hours since 8am this morning. Not the norm for this stay-at-hom mom, to say the least. And my plans for the next 4 days have changed from just this morning. The bad news is, for those people reading Frost, if I don't manage to finish the next chapter tomorrow (which I'm not convinced is a possibility right now), it won't get done until Sunday. Surprise conferences in Birmingham, rescheduled fix-it guys, and other various sundries have made me a little turvy-topsy and blown my schedule all to hell. My apologies if people have to wait.

DL of Angel is totally screwing up my connection speed so all my e-mails have to wait until morning when the DL is done. That, and sheer exhaustion. Goodness, I'm tired...

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