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So in my bid to get back to my theater roots - because man, do I miss it - I'm trying to get out more, while I can, of course. Softball and baseball are starting up, so our schedules are going to be tight. And driving into San Francisco isn't always our easiest solution when trying to arrange babysitting if I want to see something not appropriate for the kids.

One solution is the Lesher Center in Walnut Creek. L and I took the kids there to see a production of Wizard of Oz last fall, and frankly, I was hugely impressed for it being outside of SF. Production values were strong, the performances solid, and the theater nice.

This month (well, February), Craig and I are going to take the kids to go see Legally Blonde, and I'm going to go see my favorite Shaw play, Arms and the Man. I'm probably seeing that one on my own. I'm really not fussed about seeing plays by myself, not like movies. L might go with me, but I doubt it. And I miss shows too much to keep cheating myself out of them.

The rest of the season there will be interesting. I'm dragging Craig to go see Rumors in April, largely because I was in a production of it in college and it remains one of my best memories. Marlee Matlin is also scheduled to speak there in April. That's also on the list if it doesn't conflict with ball.

In addition to the Lesher, Craig has arranged for us to see the new sports show that Reduced Shakespeare Company will be doing in Sonoma in March. SF has a number of shows I'm dying to go see, too, like "The Caretaker" with Jonathan Pryce, and "Spamalot." There's every possibility we'll switch "Legally Blonde" for "Mamma Mia," too. We haven't quite made up our minds there yet.

But I'm seeing more, that I know. And I can finally stop being jealous every time one of my friends mentions they're going to see a play, lol.
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