Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

End goals

New Year, fresh start, we all do it. It's like always starting diets on Monday. So many of us need that definitive marker to give us permission to say, "This is where I begin. This is how I start." Which is great and all, but if I've learned anything, that's only half the battle.

I have my own thoughts about how I want 2012 to be better. The minutiae don't matter to anyone but me, but what will help is accountability. I'm the kind of personality that needs that authority figure - whether real or not - to report to in order to crack the whip on myself, so to speak. I can be as disciplined as necessary, obsessively so, but I'm at my best when I've got the pressure on. Like writing under deadline.

So expect lots of motivational type posts this year. I'm putting LJ as a priority on my to do list.

To start off the year, I'm focusing on this quote from Seneca: If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable. While I truly believe that knowing your goal is vital to achieving results in the day to day world, I recognize that not all creative processes work well like that. Writers who are pantsers might end up freezing with an outline in front of them, but honest to god, I think that at least knowing where a story is going to end is half the battle to starting it. People get caught up in the art of the word, and it ends up freezing the actual story that wants to happen. The art can often come on edits. Know where you're going so you can at least get started and ignore all the rest.
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