Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Long day but productive. Writing, and a little more shopping, and blogging stuff, and finally getting around to making Alex's birthday cake. See, he didn't want a normal cake. He wanted this layered pumpkin pie toffee cheesecake. Which required more time than I could feasibly commit to it before today. So that's what I did this evening, and now it's sitting in the refrigerator for us to have tomorrow night. Surprisingly easy, for how complicated it looks. If it tastes as good as I think it will, I'll be making another for Christmas for him and me since neither one of us can stand Christmas pudding. Blech. Fruitcake on fire. Craig, Alicia, and the inlaws can have it.

I also started a new knitting project this evening, some lacy fingerless gloves because I get so damn cold in this house sometimes. So far, so good, though it's a little tedious going right now as I get used to the pattern. I only managed to get a couple inches done while watching Conan tonight. I wanted eye candy, I saw Jason Momoa looking all hot and remembered how badly I wanted to see this in the theater, and I didn't give anybody else a choice about what we were watching after the kids went to bed, lol.
Tags: alex, life, movies

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