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Much better day. Hormones are ebbing, which made it easy to enjoy shopping this morning. Craig took Alex out to spend his birthday money (we have a deal that in lieu of a party that never has a high turnout anyway because it's so close to Christmas that he can have cash instead; I've been coming out ahead on this for three years now, lol), so FIL went with them. Alicia needed to do her shopping since her school doesn't have a Christmas store, so I dropped her and MIL at Target while I went out to B&N and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Then it was Starbucks, back to Target to pick up some forgotten items, and home for a very brief period before we headed out for a late lunch and the Muppet movie.

The shopping wasn't done, though, lol. Alex still had money left on the Game Stop gift card he got from one of his buddies, so they went there while I headed out to Victoria's Secret.MIL needed to go to Michael's after that. By the time we got home, my hip was killing me and I was exhausted.

I did finally get a chance to watch Merlin. I really enjoyed it, though it's tough watching only the first part. I suck at the waiting. I'm too anxious about a lot of stuff, like what's going on with the knights (where the hell did Percival get to?!?), whether or not Hunith will survive, and so on. There was much to love in this, however.

Like...Gwaine finally getting the screentime and being the character we fell in love with last season. Loved how he didn't back down from Morgana.

...Arthur and Merlin's quiet conversation where Arthur reflects on how he keeps getting duped. It hints at so many of the issues I've feared about when it comes to Arthur, and was handled with heartbreaking Grace. much of this episode was really about opening Arthur's eyes. It's been happening all season, but so much in this one. He might not remember what Merlin did to him while enchanted, but he saw why it was necessary, and went along with it as well as he could. He's led such a protected, sheltered life, that seeing things like how angry the smugglers were is a shock. The bridge Merlin creates between what Arthur has thought he's known with what he discovers to be true will hopefully reinforce their relationship as it progresses. Merlin knew Gwen was Ealdor. I'm choosing to believe he knew before they arrived. His reaction certainly didn't show any surprise.

...the A/G scene. It felt so genuine without being sickly sweet. I do think Arthur's coming around to wanting her back in his life was too fast, but it could've been a lot worse. She still thinks she was in the wrong for what she did and stuck to the self-punishment, so that helps. But in light of Agravaine's betrayal, Arthur needs people back on his side. I'm not sure how that new knowledge doesn't throw his forgiveness for Gwen in reverse, but I'm not arguing.
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