Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Inlaws have arrived. They were late getting in, because their flight was delayed in the UK by two hours, but now they're settled and we're all finding our rhythms. So far, so good, lots of socializing which means not much productivity, but well worth it. Also squee'd like a little girl at getting four bottles of my favorite shampoo brought over. I have no idea why it's not available here in the US, especially since it's an American company, but I couldn't even order it online directly from the company. Stupid company. However, I shall be rationing what I have until their next visit. My hair loves it.

Other than that...trying to focus on writing and family because some other aspects of my life are a little painful right now. I hate the way my brain works sometimes. It always lays blame on me first, regardless of the situation. Common sense tells me there's more to it than that, and that maybe I'm being a little narcissistic to think things have anything to do with me at all, but it doesn't change the feelings. And being a grown-up about it all can really suck. :P
Tags: life

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