Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So yesterday's awful events have smoothed out a little. There's been a ton of local support - Wells Fargo donated $4000, can you believe it? :) - so while it was terrible what happened, it makes me feel good that people are rallying together. So thank you to everyone who listened to me yesterday!

Today has been...unproductive so far, lol. I spent two hours this morning getting registered and booking my hotel for RT next spring. One headache after another. They wanted all this minutiae about the books for the signings, and then, when I tried to get my hotel room, the website failed, forcing me to call. The rep I talked to had no idea what the convention was, so couldn't find it for the reduced rates, and what should have been quick turned into 30 minutes on the phone, just to reserve a room. Oh well, at least it's done, and I can look forward to a week in Chicago in April.

The inlaws arrive next Tuesday, so we're in the throes of prepping for that. They're here until January 18 this year. I've also got Alex's birthday in less than two weeks, and a recital here in our home on the 10th. The kids' piano teacher wanted to do a private Xmas recital in her home for some of her students, but since we have more space than she does and the nice piano now, Craig went and volunteered our home for it. Which means I get to bake with impunity. :D The one downside is that we're not here the night of the 9th since we're going into SF for Craig's Xmas office party. We booked a hotel for the night to make it more relaxing, so I need to have the baking done before I leave that Friday. I get out of a good part of the cleaning on Saturday morning, though, lol.
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