Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Odds and sods

We are slowly getting ready for the holiday weekend. Our guests arrive Wednesday night and leave Saturday morning, so I imagine I won't be online much this week. Which is as it should be, right? So why am I already feeling the loss? Oh, right, because I'm addicted, and being online is easier than real life stuff sometimes lol.

I've been busy, though, with a couple new beading projects, spending time with the family now that Craig is back, and basically just living life. The kids have this week off which is both good and bad. Good, because I don't have to get up in the morning at obscene o'clock. Bad, because my time to get stuff done is even more fractured than normal. Today was good, though my left shoulder/upper arm is sore and killing me from the flu shot I got yesterday. With the MIL arriving in 2 weeks, we needed all to be inoculated. The last thing we need is to make things harder for her compromised immune system. I felt dreadful last night, both emotionally and physically, but I'm putting that down to a reaction to the shot. Though the feelings don't go away, really. They just become easier to ignore when I can focus on other things.

Someone recommended Pinterest to me today. Anybody on my flist mess around with it? I'm curious what people use it for, what their reactions are, that kind of thing.

Weight loss has slowed, but is still happening. I'm currently at just under 35 pounds lost, and honestly, if I can maintain this through the rest of the year, I'll be happy. I know I'm likely to gain a little with Thanksgiving, but then I have a few weeks to lose it again before Christmas hits.

Another reminder about Christmas cards. You know what the best Xmas gift I get is? The chance to give to people, which means all those of you who haven't signed up to get a card from me need to hightail it over there so I can include you on my list. Don't worry about where you live. Just let me share Christmas cheer. :)

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