Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A busy weekend. spikesgurl came down Saturday morning and stayed until Monday afternoon, so we could hang out (because we don't get to do that nearly enough), so my online time was cut drastically over the past few days. There was Buffy watching with L, so she could experience firsthand how excited L gets when she watches, DSW shopping where I bought 3 more pairs of shoes I couldn't resist, and guilty pleasures like watching Cutting Edge.

Saturday afternoon, we went with the kids to go see Real Steel. It was surprisingly better than I'd anticipated, lots of Hugh being tough, being sweaty, being fatherly. Great boxing sequences, too.

Sunday afternoon, we went to B&N after DSW. While we were at DSW, Alicia got a text from her new bf N asking when she'd be there so he could make sure he was there at the same time (it was a day where sales at the store raised money for their school). We got to B&N, I ordered them some Starbucks, then asked Alicia (who'd been texting with N consistently) if he was there yet. He wasn't. Apparently, he wanted to shower first before seeing her. I had to go to the other side of the store and tweet about it because the cuteness about killed me and I didn't want to embarrass her.

Craig is in Ohio until late Friday, so I'm on my own this week. After spikesgurl left yesterday, I finally got around to watching Merlin. I am way too invested in this season. This was another episode that left me pissed at the beginning, and then tense and upset throughout the rest of it. It doesn't help that I'm hormonal right now, either. :P But damn it, I *loathe* Agravaine. I know I'm supposed to. He's insidious and too smart, but the actor creeps me out. And for all the times I might have been frustrated with Gaius or not liked some of the advice he doled out, he deserved better than he got. I'm upset with Arthur's blind trust of Agravaine (even though I get it, I really do) and wish he'd talked to Gaius one on one rather than let Agravaine handle it (though I understand the reasoning behind that, too).

What else? Oh, after Alex saw a commercial for Once Upon a Time during something older that we'd recorded, he commented he wanted to watch it. We were able to get the first three episodes off the catch-up feature on our cable, and promptly got hooked. So that's now been added to the DVR. Alex adores it, and frankly, I love the fairy tale twists they've done. Plus, Robert Carlyle! Adore him, and his work as Rumpelstiltskin/Gold is fantastic. I'm mad curious about the Sheriff. I get the sneaking suspicion he'll be my favorite, though Snow's prince has snuck up on me, too. Plus, Jane wrote the next episode! So much to enjoy there.

I should get off and start getting caught up on all the things I've overlooked the past few days. Too much stuff. ;)
Tags: alicia, life, merlin, once upon a time, television

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