Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Halloween cheer

So the day was spent doing lots of stuff around the house. Like Craig finishing the decorations outside for trick-or-treaters tomorrow...

Craig is of the school that Halloween isn't supposed to be cute. I think it's his British fascination with a holiday he didn't have growing up. The kids strongly support this POV, which means we've got a huge, honking spider hanging over our front door:

The thing's on a pulley that Craig's got set up. He sits off where he's standing there to the left of the door, and as kids approach (though I've made him promise not to do it to small children), he lowers it. In dim lighting, that thing is scary, let me tell you, mostly because it's so damn big. The flickering from the fake flames framing the entryway cast eerie lights onto it.

Other aspects aren't quite as scary:


There's more webbing and on the other side, lining the path to the door.

I, on the other hand, spent a good part of today finishing up baking cupcakes for Alex's class tomorrow. I did two dozen red velvet ones yesterday, and two dozen double chocolate fudge today. Then we decorated:

The kids did the non-knife cupcakes in the second picture. They were a little obsessed with the candy googly eyes I had.
Tags: halloween, life

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