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My problem is that I'm a lightweight. Always have been. I don't drink often, and the fact that I've lost weight means I don't know limits. I blasted through them last night, much to my stomach's chagrin this morning.

I won't be doing that again any time soon.

On the plus side, the 2k I wrote last night was still funny when I read it today. I'm kind of really inspired by it right now, so I'm switching over to that for a little while. I also read lolafeist's The Wager, which I highly recommend. It's Gwaine/Merlin/Percival at the start, then Arthur/Merlin at the end. I have to admit, I didn't enjoy the A/M section nearly as much as the first one, but then that's because A/M is such a hard sell for me anyway. But I loved the humor and characterizations of the G/M/P section so much that I didn't even care it ended A/M.

I really enjoyed today's Merlin, though I watched it very tense and anxious. That's a direct reaction to Arthur's state of mind, I know that. I don't have thinky thoughts on it, though. Everything I've thought has been said elsewhere, and I feel redundant saying anything. Mostly, I'm just glad Arthur took a positive step, Gwaine wasn't playing a fool, and Arthur/Gwen is in a healthy place.
Tags: fic recs, life, merlin

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