Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I'm a little bit tipsy

So...I've been really good foodwise. Rarely go over my calorie limit for the day (at this point, it's 1300 calories which you probably don't care about, but oh well, lol). Have lost nearly 33 pounds and am down to a size 12/14, which makes me all kinds of happy.

Well L surprised me today with sushi for lunch because Craig had to go into the office and forgo our usual Friday sushi lunch date. She stuck around and we watched the first 4 eps of S4 Buffy, at which point I didn't want to cook and suggested ordered wings (courtesy of seeing a tweet from sheswatching. We ran with that. After fries (god, the wing place near us has the BEST fries) and wings, I decided to hell with it and opted to drink tonight.

Two beers and two glasses of port later...

Bought a necklace online I'd talked myself out of twelve hours ago.

Have spent too much time looking through pics on my computer, reliving fandom memories (found the pic where I got the kiss from James, god, so many memories).

Have had impure thoughts about friends/acquaintances it would totally embarrass me to admit to if I was sober.

Spent far too long looking at this picture of Bradders and considering what it would be like to crawl between his legs and do unspeakable things.

Mentally plotted at least two fics involving Percival.

Mentally plotted inserting myself into at least one of those fics.

Had truly dangerous thoughts about Percival meeting Spike.
Tags: life

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