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Is anybody on my flist watching this? Well, I watched it tonight, commenting as I go along. Everything's behind the cut.

1. Astro: This kid is talented, but his ego annoys the crap out of me. I really felt like, as much energy as he put into it, that stage swallowed him up. I'll freely admit that this is *really* not my genre, though. He didn't miss a beat with it being live, so I suppose that counts for something.

2. Chris Rene: I have loved this guy throughout the entire process. There's such pain in his voice. That being said, his vocals weren't terrific tonight. I have no idea how good the other two will be, but I sincerely hope he makes it.

3. Philip Lomax: As pretty as this boy is, and as much as I love the fact that he's a crooner, he did not own this song. The audio levels didn't help him at all, because the track kept eclipsing him.

4. Marcus Canty: There's something really infectious about watching this guy. I kept expecting amazing things with him mixing this song up, though. It was good, but not my favorite.

Decision: Based on these performances, I'd send Philip home, even though I like Astro the least.
L.A.'s decision: Considering Philip didn't expect to make it to the top 4, I can't say I'm surprised. He's the one farthest outside L.A.'s specialties.

1. Stereo Hoggz: They're fun to watch, and I liked that they mixed the song up a lot, but I've never been that impressed with their vocals.

2. Brewer Boys: See, now vocally, these guys are miles ahead of the Stereo Hoggs, but they're not as engaging to watch. I wondered if it's because they're so obviously a Disney-style, tweenie group, so I ran it by Alicia. She was bored by them, too.

3. Intensity: Oops, I forgot Kid Bop was in the groups category, too. How does a group of 10 ever work as a band? It ends up being the girl and guy with the best voices with 8 back-up singers/dancers. However, they're much more entertaining to watch than the Brewer Boys.

4. Lakoda Rayne: Visually, they're boring to watch. Unless you're a guy and you want to watch the beautiful girls. It didn't help hearing Craig complain next to me how their song is standard wedding reception issue in the UK, lol

Decision: Brewer Boys has to go. Intensity has their demographic better nailed.
Paula's decision: Unsurprising in the slightest. BB was boring.

OVER 30s
1. Dexter Haygood: This was the one selection to the top 17 that made me angriest. It felt like a pity vote,w hen there were other more talented performers in that group. It still doesn't work for me. I'm not sure Nicole's strategy in giving him a modern song to get him away from his James Brown/Mick Jagger vibe worked at all. He's an entertainer, yes, but, really? He can't even say thank you without turning it into a performance.

2. Leroy Bell: One of my favorites from the start. I love the tone of his voice, I love his phrasing, I just love him. On a purely superficial note, he is a *hot* 60 y/o.

3. Stacy Francis: She's been hit and miss with me. Sometimes the tone of her voice really grates on me. Others, she nails it. Tonight was a miss. I almost think I'd prefer to have Dexter go through instead of her at this point.

4. Josh Krajcik: Another one I've loved from the start. He. Made. Me. Cry. This was sensational. Holy crap. Shit. I so rarely cry with music.

Decision: Either Stacy or Dexter, but on principle alone, I prefer it's Dexter that goes. He shouldn't have been here tonight as it was.
Nicole's decision: FINALLY. She made the professional choice, not the heart choice.

1. Simone Battle: She might be a popstar, but she's not consistent. Tonight was one of the lows. She's beautiful, she moves great, but she didn't command that stage. The song was lackluster, and she got lost amidst all her dancers. Vocals were off, too.

2. Rachel Crow: Her performance of If I Were Boy gave me goosebumps. I love the maturity of her voice, her spunk. But...I just didn't get this performance of hers tonight. Simon's commented from the start about the maturity of her voice, so why would he give her this mash-up?

3. Drew: Another one I've liked from the start. She's got such an indie vibe to her, wrapped up in this little teenager package. I was worried at first because this was so slow, but as it went on, I saw the beauty of the song and story. Nice job.

4. Tiah Tolliver: This is the one he should have cut so he could take Melanie on the first pass, instead of pulling this stunt in having five. And...then she came on stage. I now hate Simon, because this was the most visually interesting of the performances and she absolutely owned that stage. I still don't like her, but at least I saw a hint of what Simon has seen in her.

5. Melanie Amaro: She's the big voice that needs to stay in this competition. She has power, she has emotion, and she's amazing.

Decision: I would hope he cuts Tiah and Simone, but I fear he's going to keep Tiah and lose Rachel instead.
Simon's decision: Holy crap, Simon put his ego aside for two seconds and did the right thing.

Overall, you know, I'm happy across the board with who got cut. I love some of the top 12 more than others, but the right ones will be performing next week.
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