Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Very sluggish day. I overslept this morning, and pretty much sleptwalk through the day with vague symptoms. My sinuses and neck ache, my chest woke up raspy enough that I felt like I'd spent the night in a smoky club, no appetite/mildly nauseous when I did eat, and exhaustion. I crashed for two hours late this afternoon, but that didn't do much but make me a little less tired. No fever, at least. And I'm not congested or anything like that. I guess that's something.

Piano is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I went out today and picked up the painting I had framed for the front room, too. It looks so pretty. The front room is going to be gorgeous when we're done.

On a fandom note...ohmigod, Joss is doing Much Ado About Nothing?!? With Alexis?!?!? My heart literally stopped when I saw that.
Tags: life
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