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Snow has started again. Looked out the window at 4pm, saw it coming down in flakes the size of Texas, and decided to pick the kids up early from nursery.

An hour and 10 minutes to travel the 2 1/2 miles both ways. And I passed 6 accidents on the road.

It's barely freezing out there. The flakes are big and wet and there's hardly any wind. But I guess this area doesn't see snow often enough for people not to drive like morons. It's frustrating as hell.

Good news is my urge to write is back. Rested and did some little things this afternoon, so I managed to regroup. I'll be writing a good part of the evening, but whether it gets done in time for me to send to angstchic to beta for posting tomorrow remains to be seen. She's being all wonderful and understanding about my weirdness today; have I mentioned lately how much I lurve her? :) You all should, too; Frost would never have happened without her.

OK, off to see what the banging is from the playroom. Sigh.

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