Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I'm still recovering from Merlin. I think I'll be recovering for quite some time.

Nothing got done today because of that. Well, nothing writing-wise. We got most of the house decorated for Halloween, and I did more laundry. Then I went to Michael's and Kohl's for some retail therapy. That, and I needed ribbon for my harvest wreath, though I got suckered into more while I was Michael's. The best part about Kohl's was having to put clothes back because they were too big. AND, as someone who rarely can find dresses that fit right because my top and bottom are different sizes, I found not one but two different dresses that look amazing. One is a print peasant dress that I can wear my knee-length brown boots with (another item that I've never been able to wear before because I have heavy calves regardless of my weight), and the other is a silky sleeveless thing that does the impossible and makes me feel sexy. There's nothing like clothing validation to help with motivation.

Speaking of motivation...the rodeo was fun last night, but we were up way too late and we splurged on junk food because we hadn't done it in months. I was back on the wagon today, though. I don't feel guilty about last night - when it's been over a year since I had a churro, how can I? - but I do know I have to make up for it if I want to continue the weight loss. Which I do.

Alicia spent a good part of today worrying about me. When I emerged after watching Merlin, she noticed right away something was wrong, and then proceeded to spend as much time as possible over the next few hours trying to make me feel better. She went shopping with me, too, which was nice. It's weird because sometimes I miss the little girl she was so desperately it hurts, and then others, like tonight, I marvel at the young woman she's turning into.

Damn it. I'm crying again. Stupid emotions. I should go to bed. Though I dread I'll end up dreaming about Merlin.
Tags: life, merlin

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