Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Mishmash of my boring day

My days sometimes take on such a pattern of sameness that I question what I could possibly say here that might be interesting. Because while it was a good, productive day, to outsiders it would look very boring. Laundry, writing, made a necklace during the day; curled up and read a novel this evening (nothing even very good, a historical romance that gave me a headache).

I overslept this morning. Like until 9am, which just doesn't happen to me anymore. I blame fall break, and the fact that Tom Hopper was in my dreams. Not in a great way, unfortunately, and not alone. He and his girlfriend were babysitting our kids (and man, did that make me feel old, lol), and he was trying to pitch a business idea to Craig for him to pursue now that Merlin is done shooting. Totally lame, but I think my subconscious was so excited about dreaming about him, it didn't want it to end, no matter how lame it was, lol.

Was tonight's X Factor a repeat of last week's second Boot Camp for anybody else? We were kind of disappointed because the description said it was supposed to be at the judge's homes.

I realized this morning that I'm only 14 pounds away from where my low was after I lost the weight after Alex was born. I can totally get to that, maybe even by Christmas since that's still 9 weeks away. That's not my final goal, but it's a major milestone for me anyway. I'm excited about seeing it closer on the horizon.
Tags: life

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