Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A day of mad work, and Merlin/Buffy watching, which lent for an odd combination of stress and relaxation.

L came over with the kids before lunchtime, and we ended up watching 4 eps - The Wish, Amends, Gingerbread, and Helpless. She's still all about Buffy and Angel, so Amends really got to her. And she was pissed at me about Helpless. She hated seeing Giles doing that to Buffy. She already massively dislikes Joyce, so having Giles seemingly betraying Buffy really upset her.

We also watched the latest Merlin with the kids...I'm probably alone in this, but honestly, I much prefer watching Merlin with the family than with most online fans. The kids and L treat it the same way I do - as escapist entertainment. There's no hating on characters (well, except for Morgana, nobody in either family really seems to like her, in fact Alicia said today it should've been her that was used to close the tear since then she'd be off the show, lol), there's no ship wars, there's no anger or frustration when a ship gets dissed. Even my complaints, like Gwaine being used as comic relief? They don't have a problem with. L didn't even think Morgana's plans were as idiotic as I did. Her argument was that Morgana already tried taking the throne by force, and she was smart enough to know it wouldn't succeed a second time with Arthur still alive. I'm not sure I agree with that, but it made for an interesting discussion.

Both L and her daughter are intrigued about how the triangle will play out now. I am, too, honestly. I'm probably 90% unspoiled for what's to come (and I'd like to stay that way, please), but I've seen enough of the shooting pictures to be curious about its directions.

Though one thing that cracks me up. Since we've been watching Buffy, L can't see ASH as Uther anymore, lol.

But before and after all the TV, I had to finish a galley I had to get back to a publisher today. Between the other household stuff I needed to get done, that wasn't complete until an hour ago. :P

Oh! And in good news on the weight loss front, I finally broke through my plateau. As of this morning, I've lost 30 pounds since June 4. Go me!
Tags: btvs, diet, merlin

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