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Fall is definitely more my season. Though the weather has turned dreary the past couple days, I find myself in better spirits. The holidays are approaching, which always puts me in a good mood because I have explicit permission to lavish people I care about with gifts and not feel guilty about it, lol. That's my favorite part. Seriously. I LOVE giving gifts. It's my preferred drug of choice. If I can't find a reason to give something to someone I know and love, I'll go to a department store, look up a random gift registry, and buy a gift anonymously for someone. When I was younger, it was always wedding registries. Now that I've got kids of my own, it tends to be baby registries, lol. As we roll closer to the holidays, it'll be whatever gift tree stores will have, like books at B&N and toys at other shops.

But it helps that I've got Christmas and both Alex and Alicia's birthdays in the next four months. And I get to use the holidays to send extras into the school, too. With the new food arrangements in our house, baking is dangerous. But I can do all I want as long as I get rid of most of it, which means Alex's class and Craig's work benefit.

Speaking of baking, the kids and I did Halloween test runs today. I'm making cupcakes for L's Halloween party, and I'd bought these stencils at Michael's to use, but they didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped...

The stencils only worked if we didn't frost them and used powdered sugar instead. Our attempts to fill the stencils in other ways were laughable at best. The orange one with black/white sprinkles turned out the best, so I fear that's what'll end up happening. I have black graveyard cutouts that go around the cupcake, too, to help dress them up.

And I was strong and didn't have any, though to be fair, I'm not a big fan of cake anyway. I much prefer the frosting, lol.
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