Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So been getting back to the jewelry, in light of how busy I've been. I finished two pieces the past couple days, a triple-strand layered necklace with a pendant, and a simple asymmetrical necklace. The triple-stand taught me how to use bead cones, and the asymmetrical was my first shot at using chain.

And I really have to figure out how to use our camera instead of relying on my crappy camera on my phone or ipad. :P The colors don't come through great. The triple-strand is mint green, gunmetal gray, with gold/dusky accents to pick up the mother-of-pearl quality to the pendant, while the asymmetrical is variegated blue and brown faceted beads that are much prettier in person than on the pictures.

The triple-strand...

...and a close-up on the pendant.

The asymmetrical necklace...
Tags: jewelry
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