Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The Darkest Hour, part 2

While I didn't like it as much as the first episode, there was still much to enjoy in this. I'm also (mostly) unspoiled, so I didn't see the ending coming at all. In hindsight, it's telegraphed like mad, but I was wrapped up enough in the story not to notice it too much at the time.

I like where Arthur and Merlin are right now. It's funny, but I don't ship A/M, but this is the first time I can see being able to write it if I had to. There's a warmth and camaraderie that's been lacking for me, though Merlin's utter devotion to Arthur is a little painful to watch at times, if only because Arthur isn't (and never will) be the same toward him. Camelot comes first for Arthur and always will, regardless of Merlin, or Gwen, or even Uther. At this point, the only thing I could ever see throwing a crimp in Arthur's dedication to his kingdom would be something to do with Ygraine.

Gwen's approach to the Council was wonderful. It's good to see her gaining confidence with the court.

When Percival threw himself on Gwaine to save him, I laughed for a solid minute. Seriously, is there any knight Percival wouldn't get physical with, lol?

But while I enjoyed the show, I have quibbles. Like...god, why the hell are they turning Gwaine into the Fool? Yes, I understand the need for comic relief, and that it's a family show, but come on, they can spread the jokes around, can't they? This isn't the Gwaine I thought I knew. No wonder Eoin didn't know who his knight really was during that interview. (On the flip side of that, however, is knowing and loving how Percival has a washing fetish, hee.)

Also, I really don't like that Gwen told Arthur about what she'd asked Lancelot to do. Okay, blame herself, and yeah, so it's good they're open enough to talk about stuff like this, but did she really have to take that little bit away from Lancelot by revealing other motivations? I'm not even a Lancelot fan and I still feel like he got shafted with that confession. Plus, what's Arthur supposed to think after that? "Oh, my girlfriend doesn't think I can take care of myself, and gee, she thinks the guy who can look after me best is the one she had the hots for." Yeah, that's really going to boost his confidence in their relationship and her. Dumb move, Gwen. Dumb and selfish.

Those are my biggest complaints. I'm not sure why Merlin didn't get a ride on the Dragon to the isle, or what Agravaine was really expecting to do when he had Gwen in his chambers (my first thought was that he was going to try something sexual, because it couldn't have been to hurt her since Morgana was waiting for her to be taken home so she could do her bad stuff). And the chemistry between Agravaine and Morgana is creepy as hell. But those are minor compared to the other stuff. And in the end, I still enjoyed it.
Tags: merlin, tv

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