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The maintenance on LJ this week is annoying, which is why I haven't posted in a couple days. I couldn't get it to load anywhere near regularly until this evening, and I can't even catch up on flist until Saturday most likely. Tomorrow, L comes over with the kids for us to continue our Buffy watch--we're up to 3x05, and will get through Band Candy (one of my top 5) and hopefully Lover's Walk before they have to go--then tomorrow night, we're off to Napa to see a new Christmas show written by Austin Tichenor & Reed Martin, two of the guys from the Reduced Shakespeare Company.

I totally lacked motivation to write today, but it's hard when the kids are home and the weather is as dreary as it is right now. I did manage to get 1k done on fic, but otherwise, it was Ticket to Ride with the kids and making a 3-strand necklace with a pendant. I'm quite pleased with how the necklace turned out, actually. It's got kind of a layered effect going on. I'm going to take pictures of it Saturday and show off, I think.

Oh, and this evening was spent watching Project Runway and X Factor...

I'm sad Bert's gone. I really thought it should've been Laura. At this point, I think it's safe to say Anya and Victor are shoo-ins for the finale, but I hope the third is Kimberly now. I'd hate to see either Josh or Laura in that spot.

And it looks like most of my favorites made it through boot camp on X Factor. Those include:

Over 30s: Josh Krajcik (so much love) and Leroy Bell (the same)
Boys: Chris Rene (I would have totally bought the original he first auditioned with) and Tim Cifers
Girls: Rachel Crow (I was almost crying with her "If I Were a Boy" too), Tora Woloshin, Drew Ryniewicz, and Melanie Amaro

There are others I like, but these are my standouts. I can't say I really cared for any of the groups (with the exception of the Brewer Boys though their Bieber hair annoys me), not even the few the judges liked.

Well, it's after 1am, so I should probably get some sleep since I have to be up and ready for company at 8:30. Craig's already conked out. Only trouble is...not sure if I'm tired yet lol.
Tags: life, project runway, x factor

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