Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Merlin 4x01

1. Percival + small children = exploding ovaries.

2. Bradley has never been better. Seriously. He's matured so much as an actor and sizzled with absolutely everybody.

3. I'm not really a fan of Lancelot, but his scene where Gwen asks him to protect Arthur broke my heart.

4. ASH can do more with a single line than most actors can do with whole scripts.

5. Gwen was STUNNING. She might not have been on long, but what she had was wonderful.

6. I'm curious what motivation Agravaine has in teaming up with Morgana. If Arthur is his nephew by blood, why would he want him dead? Ygraine's other brother went to great lengths to defend her honor after she died. Or is he Uther's brother and I missed something? Nobody tell me, lol. I'm not spoiled for anything beyond this episode so I don't really want to know. Just musing aloud.

7. Love how all the relationships are so mature now.

8. LOVE how gorgeous the whole show looks.

9. I adore Gwaine to death, but I really hope they don't use him as comic relief for the whole season.

10. Is it next Saturday yet?!?
Tags: merlin, tv

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