Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

You know, it was one of those days that was pretty darn good, and yet, not really productive, lol. I had plans to get some more fic writing done today, but then remembered I had a set of edits due this morning so focused on that instead. I did laundry all day in between jobs, had a boatload of errands to run, then it was time for school runs and dinner. I had every intention of getting into the writing this evening, but then I got sucked into a book, and I've just lost the last two hours reading.

Oh well. Can't complain when I'm in this good of a mood.

There was a lot of retail therapy this weekend. The kids piano recitals were Saturday afternoon, and those went marvelously well. Craig said prior to going out that as long as we were dressed up, we might as well go out to dinner. Then at the steakhouse, we got to talking about Banned Books Week, and he suggested we got to B&N after we ate to buy as many banned books as we could. I love the way he thinks sometimes, lol.

Other shopping happened, too. Michaels, Kohl's, DSW...I went a little mad, but when I get stuff as cute as this satchel, it's hard to care.

New Merlin in five days. That's cause for celebration, too. :)

ETA: Oh! I almost forgot! Yesterday, I found out I had two titles as finalists in Epic's eBook Awards! Well, one is mine - Forgotten Faces - and the other is a JC title - Outcast Mine. Forgotten Faces is up for Best Paranormal Romance, while Outcast Mine is up for best Sci-Fi Romance. Not too shabby. :)
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