Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Another long day, but do I have any other kind, lol?

Alicia's band concert was tonight, which meant listening to five different bands and hanging out with L's family for the dinner/fundraiser part of it, too. I love that our daughters are best friends. L is one of those people I have to remind myself I'm blessed to have in my life, because she's amazing. It was funny, because Craig and I had talked earlier about taking the kids to go see a production of Wizard of Oz next weekend, and seeing if L would let us steal her kids to come with us (and keep ours company, her younger son and Alex are two years apart but get along famously). L started laughing when I brought it up. Turns out, her kids' music teacher is in the orchestra of this production, so they were planning on going anyway, and she was going to ask us if we wanted to go, too, lol. Great minds think alike.

I love that my kids seem to have an affection for live theater, too. I've tried to be careful about cultivating their interest. I didn't want to scare them off it by introducing them to the wrong plays too early. But so far, so good. It helps they both love music, so going to see musical productions is a big benefit. And comedy is always good. Alex was only seven when we went and saw Reduced Shakespeare the first time, but he'd already seen one of the DVDs and was completely enamored with the whole thing. I don't harbor any delusions that they're going to study theater or music in college like I did - they're both too practical for that - but if I can turn them into theater fans, I'll still consider it a job well done.

Tomorrow, we have piano recitals in the afternoon, but it should be my last hectic day for a while. Alicia is done with softball, which means I'll only have after school stuff two days a week instead of five. That's definitely a win. :)
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