Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The A/C is still broken, but we think we've figured out what the problem is. See, a week or so ago, PG&E installed something as part of their SmartAC program, something Craig thought would be a good idea. But Craig checked our electrical usage since it was installed. It's dropped by over a third, without us changing anything obvious. So we're pretty sure that the A/C has been nonoperational since it was put on, and we were too busy to notice it wasn't as cool as it could've been. We spent a good part of the weekend outside, and only in the house evenings when it was already cooling down. Craig's going to be talking to them in the morning, and hopefully, we can get all this reversed.

No writing today, because I spent a good part of the morning doing a lot of other jobs, then the afternoon at Alicia's softball game, and dinner out because I wasn't going to cook and make the house even hotter. Today it hit 100. Fall can get here any time.
Tags: life

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