Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Ups and downs

A day of ups and downs...

Up: All the new Merlin promo shots. This week has been an abundance of riches in regards to pretty Merlin boys.

Down: The stupid sinus cold I've been fighting for a month is finally winning. L was really sick a few weeks ago, as was most of her family, and considering our daughters are best friends, the boys hang out together, and she's at my house regularly for visits and Buffy, I've been exposed to the germs fairly continuously. Until this week, it was mostly in my ears, more annoying than anything else, but the past couple days has started to move into my chest so that I'm starting to cough, I'm congested, and have no appetite.

Up: Craig worked from home today which meant I didn't have to do the school run and we got our sushi lunch date back.

Down: Got sniped on a charity auction I really wanted to share with Alicia. She was disappointed, even volunteering to throw in all her birthday/Xmas money, which disappointed me because it was going to be a special mom/daughter trip for us. Considering we're entering that part of her life where she has to say the opposite of everything I do, I regret we're not getting this. I think I'm going to try and come up with something else to make up for it. I want that time with her.

Up: More clothes in my closet that fit. For a while there, I had a bad tendency to buy things that were too small with the intention of getting into them. So there's a surprising number of things still with tags in my closet. Going through them is as good as shopping for new clothes lol.

Down: Second day of my period, which means I'm cranky, tired, and in pain for most of it.

Tomorrow, Craig and the kids are going out sailing again, so I have another day all on my own. I have to admit, it's tough. Probably because I'm hormonal, but honestly, it sucks being so lonely so often. I wish I was more outgoing in real life. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. I guess I miss...being important to someone. For more than a ride to school, lol.
Tags: life

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