Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Project Runway

1. All my favorites were in the middle. I loved Anya's the most, with Kimberly a close second and Becky third. That's probably not surprising for an avant garde challenge and I'm a suburban mom, lol.

2. Bert toned down his asshattery. Yay!

3. More Josh crying. I'm kind of glad he's gone again.

4. And I totally don't buy that he's straight.

5. Of the top 3, I only really liked Josh's. I loved the vibrancy and contrast.

6. I agreed with Kenneth Cole about Anthony's execution. It looked a stiff breeze would blow the whole thing away. I liked the idea but not how it turned out.

7. I didn't like Laura's at all. It felt so wishy-washy to me. The hardness underneath didn't translate at all on screen.

8. Olivier is crumbling. When he said he was inspired by dreams, I told Craig, "And look, he made bedsheets." Hated his. The only reason he's still around is because of his initial collection and his construction skills.
Tags: project runway

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