Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Every little thing is setting me off today. I canceled the Buffy morning w/L today because I'm such a bitch to be around right now, and she doesn't need my crap. But aren't you lucky because you get to see it, lol?

Other things chafing today:

- Fandom. Newsflash. I don't generally write porn for the sake of porn. If that's what you want, go away. There are plenty of other writers who do that. (This is not in any way directed at anybody on my flist or with the auctions.)

- Negativity for the sake of stirring up trouble. It's such a waste of energy. The world can be a pretty sucky place anyway without unnecessarily adding more. I especially hate it when the speakers have absolutely no idea what they're talking about.

- Not being able to schedule anything. This is a double-edged sword, actually. One thing I forgot to post about was that Alicia made the middle school softball team last week (63 girls down to 26, so proud of her!). Downside to that is not knowing from day to day what I have to do for her. She has no locker at school, so as tryouts went on the last two weeks (yes, two weeks, every day after school), I've had to go drop off her gear at the end of the day, then return two hours later to pick her up. Practices started this week, but with beginning of school stuff (and an unorganized coach, it seems), there's no set schedule yet . I find out the day before what's going on, which makes it next to impossible to book anything.

- Cat domination games. Our male adult, Bruiser, has decided that he doesn't like one of the girls anymore--Lena--and I have been breaking up fights between them for the past week now. It's getting old and annoying.

On the plus side, our pigeon problem has finally been fixed. Craig traded services with a neighbor to get it done. Go community bonding! lol

Also focusing on the positive, I'm half a pound away from hitting a 20-pound weight loss. There's more to go, of course, but it's been slow and steady since I started on May 30th and I'm happy with how it's going. I'm down two sizes so far, woo hoo!

Thank god for LJ. This is my only place to vent, because honestly, there's no place for it in my life without making everybody miserable. And now I'm off to try and accomplish something today. Or try to anyway, lol.
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