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Today became a day of busy work to try and keep myself distracted from the UK events. I confirmed with the inlaws that they're safe and everything is quiet for them, even as close to London as they are, which helped a lot. And Craig gets home tomorrow night, too, which will be an even bigger help. I sleep so poorly when he's not around. The kids were teasing me about getting a huge stuffed animal to hold while I sleep, but it's not that that I need. It's just the knowledge that he's here. Many nights, I go to bed before he does, but knowing he's around gives me the freedom to rest easily. When he's gone, my dreams (nightmares) become even more intense, and where I normally sleep 6.5-7 hours, I only get 3-4 when he's away.

My dreams *really* don't need to be more vivid. Because when I'm this anxious, they're all awful, awful, awful. Nothing remotely fun or sexy about them at all.

L and I watched three more Buffy episodes today - How to Kill a Boy on the First Date, The Pack, and Angel. She's been dying of curiosity to know what Angel's story is, so we stuck it out for three so she could get at least some answers. Listening to her observations is so refreshing, and hearing her completely unspoiled speculation and questions is the best entertainment. I have to refrain from saying too much because neither one of us want me to ruin it for her, but I'm chomping at the bit to get to some later seasons. She asked me today whether Joyce and Giles ever hooked up, and I couldn't stop laughing because Band Candy is one of the eps I'm most looking forward to seeing with her.
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