Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Two days straight, and LJ seems to be back to normal. Thank god. I hate it when it's not working right. My entire life ends up in chaos.

Alicia survived the first day. In fact, she loves it. She's so eager about going back and excited about what's going on. I've already had to fill out one permission slip for her to sign up for softball tryouts. I foresee a lot more of those coming, especially since she's already been picked as a leader of her specific group (the 6th graders are put on tracks/in groups to help them make the adjustment between elementary school and 7th grade, so only 3 teachers cover each track's six classes and the kids end up being in similar groups all day long). One of the first things out of her mouth when she got home was, "First dance is two weeks away!" I'm not sure if I should be terrified yet or not lol.

My friend L (the mom of Alicia's BFF and the one who just had the baby a month ago) has been wanting to sit and watch Buffy as she's never seen it before, so tomorrow, we start. I'm not sure what kind of pace it's going to be, though I imagine it'll only be a few episodes every week, but I'm excited.

My day was lost in trying to get caught up so I can have a schedule with the kids in school. Things will be bumpy for a bit as we try and figure out dropoffs/pickups. No writing done today, though. Hopefully tomorrow.

I'm probably going to call it an early night because I slept so poorly last night. I want Craig home. That probably makes me a little pathetic, but I sleep like crap when he's not around.
Tags: alicia, life

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