Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Let's hope this means we're back

Okay, today is the first day that LJ has acted almost normal for me. Meaning, I haven't had to refresh my flist a dozen times to get more than the first few entries, or clear my cache to get it to work, or reboot my machine. It also loaded this posting page on the first try, so I'm hoping things are back to normal.

So things to talk about...

1. I started a solo blog for my Vivien Dean persona. I used to do most of the Jamie Craig blogging when we had it going, so now that Pepper is working more on editing and we have less time for writing together, I decided it was time to buckle down and do a blog on my own. One thing that made it easier for me before was having a set schedule, so this time around, Mondays are going to be my giveaway days. Every two weeks, I'm going to give away a new release from one of my publishers.

Now, I'm not here to pimp my blog (not really), but I am here to pimp this week's giveaway. It's a name Buffy fanfic readers might recognize. I'm giving away the latest release by Jane Davitt, an m/m novel called Gambling on Love. I've admired Jane since I was deep in the fandom. She's a phenomenal writer (she wrote a brief Wesley/Willow spanking ficlet that I still get hot under the collar thinking about six years after the fact), so the more people who appreciate her, the better. If you go to the blog post, all you have to do is leave a comment for a chance to win. Next Monday, I'll pick a winner at random. That's it.

2. Craig's in SF this week for training. I won't see him until Friday night. I miss him already. :(

3. The kids start school tomorrow. Alicia starts middle school. Seriously. I now have a daughter in middle school. When did that happen?!? She got her first phone this past weekend, because I insisted I would need to be able to be in contact with her, and...she's in middle school, people. I'm kind of freaking out over this.

4. Writing has been weird for me lately. I have starts on the auction fics I've promised, but haven't been able to bury myself in any of them. Oddly enough, the story that's consuming my brain is one for hc_bingo. It's, um, S7 Willow/Vamp!Wesley. I'm forcing myself not to turn this into a novel, because ohmigod it could so be one, but instead, using the prompt to write the first of what might be a series. But, god, the possibilities there. It's killing me.
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