Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Project Runway

*tiptoes in quietly*

Is it safe to hope LJ is stable yet? They tell us it is. And I've been able to refresh and read my flist all night without a problem. I'm just afraid of jinxing it.

Woo hoo! A new season! I can't believe I'm so excited about this, lol. Alex was excited, too, so much so that I let the kids stay up late to watch it. Only this week, though. They go back to school on Tuesday.

Anyway...early favorites. Bert, most definitely. His was the only garment in the top 3 that I loved. I thought the judges were whacked about his clothes in the interview, though. I think he's so chic. Love him to death.

The other two garments I liked best on the runway surprised me. Fallene's flirty/fun striped clown dress, for instance. I saw her PJs and cringed, but when that dress came out, it really worked for me. It was just fun. The other I loved was Bryce's wide-sleeved gray shirt/black mini combo. The skirt was just okay, but the more I looked at that top, I wanted it. I still love it.

As for the bottom three, I would've loved to send at least two of them home. Joshua's was awful, but his other clothes were fantastic. The other chick (I can't think of her name, that's how much I don't like her) worries me that she'll be a Gretchen. Someone the judges love but I just don't get. I hated her portfolio. It's all Mexican blankets belted in different ways!

My big shock of the night was David Chum not even making the top 16. His gray coat/dress from his casting was fabulous, and I thought his garments were better than a lot of the others. They went for variety, I guess. Which is a shame because he should've been there over several of the others.

Okay, LJ? Please don't go away again. I don't know how to handle the withdrawal.
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