Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I've discovered that when LJ goes away, I panic. Not good, lol. I was going to post a story today, but now I'm going to wait until tomorrow and give things time to smooth out a little.

It was more productive today than yesterday, with nearly 2k writing done this morning until we had visitors who were here until almost 6pm. Alicia is currently having a sleepover with her best friend since this will be the last week to do it during the week, and later, I plan on taking a piping hot bath. I've had a stupid leg cramp for the past twenty-four hours, which on top of my sore hip (same leg), has made me a little irritable. I'm hoping a bath will relax whatever's going on. I'd already long ago upped certain vitamins that I take to counter the effects of my stupid hormones (I never knew the leg cramps were a peri symptom until they started hitting me, which probably makes me a little blind lol), so I can just hope that it's got to do with the fact that my hormones are running a little rampant due to the time of the month and that it will calm itself down in a day or two.

Dinner was a red sauce that I made with almost everything from our garden. I had almost 4 pounds of tomatoes to use, as well as green peppers, so there it went. So good. Next year, I'm putting oregano in my herb garden since I was mildly miffed I had to use dry tonight with my fresh basil. :P

Tomorrow, more of the same. Isn't my life exciting, lol?
Tags: life

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