Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Returning to the rhythm of life

So two days with the inlaws gone and we're still struggling a little bit to find our routine. It's rougher than usual because it all gets disrupted again in a little over a week when the kids go back to school. So right now, there's shopping and last minute summer break fun and trying to get off summer break bedtimes much stuff. Still, we'll be all right.

I'm down almost 14 pounds in our new lifestyle, but......some days I feel so damn old. I don't know what's been going on with my hip lately, if it's learning how to redistribute my weight as I lose it or what, but it's been pretty painful all week. Plus, I HATE perimenopausal symptoms. It gets worse when I'm ovulating/hormonal, which means I've had nearly a week of the random flashes and the tingling and the random numbness and the aches around my ribs. It's ANNOYING. I hate that it's started so young for me, but my mom was completely menopausal at 43, so even though I'm still regular, I can't say I'm surprised I'm going through it. Combined with my leg, and I've been pretty cranky the past few days. We went out garage sale-ing this morning (I'm on my quest for jewelry to tear apart and refashion) and I had to call it quits after a couple hours because my leg just wouldn't work right. Added with the stupid other symptoms, and I just wanted to come home and suck down painkillers. It worked to a mild degree.

But then we went out again this afternoon to B&N. It was a fundraiser day for local music teachers, which included the kids' piano teacher. She had a half hour slot for her students to play, so each of them performed. I was pretty impressed, actually. I don't think I could've done it so publicly at their ages. But they got through it without any bobbles, and then we bought books and got Starbucks. Well, the kids got Starbucks, lol.

Tonight will be movie night with the kids. I need to get some writing done. Oh! My reincarnation A/G fic got 2nd place over at the second long challenge at ag_fics! I was very surprised. I ran out of time to do everything I wanted and had to edit myself down severely, so I didn't think the story actually made much sense when I submitted it, lol. At this point, I'm torn between rewriting it and making it as long as I originally wanted (I seriously saw it as more than twice its current length of 10k), or just write a sequel and take it from there.
Tags: diet, fic, life
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