Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Life goes on

I still have to get that gingery scallops and vegetables recipe up but I'm currently fried. It's been a long, exhausting day, though I'm not sure I have much to show for it, lol.

This morning was spent getting stuff organized, like a new blog for my professional side and various administrative things. Then this afternoon, I had a long visit with my friend with the new baby. Baby Z is 2.5 weeks old and just so, so good. There's something about a happy baby asleep on your shoulder that just makes you want another one. After dinner, it was 3 hours at Michaels. We made alcohol ink candles that turned out surprisingly well, so I bought the supplies to make them here at home. I also ended up being a lot of notions for more jewelry. I can see this hobby really sneaking up on me.

Other good news...I've passed a personal goal in the weight loss. I pulled a pair of cargos out of the closet that I bought from NEXT when I was living in the UK, a pair I adored so much but haven't been able to wear since the first year we moved back to the US ('04). Well, they fit again. Well enough for me to wear today, too. It's even better than looking at the scale (which is still going down, it's 12.6 lbs as of today).

Sobering sister in Tulsa is having a really crappy month. I spent two hours on the phone last night talking to her, hoping to at least distract her from the crap if not cheer her up. One of their cats died, and the sister of one of her closest friends lost her battle with cancer (and she was really young, too, that's awfully scary), on top of other stuff. I wish there was more that I could do than just talk with her, but oh well. She's a very proud, independent person, so I can't do anything unless she asks for it. It's hard when my first instinct is to run in and fix whatever I can, however I can.

Tomorrow, I'm going to write. I've written nothing in the past two days because of other stuff, but I'm buckling down tomorrow.
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